Minimize Menopause Symptoms: Five Ways To Ease This Journey

July 7, 2020


Dr. Keira Barr

Menopause marks the end of a woman’s reproductive journey. It is unavoidable. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for it before the symptoms start. However, when should one be on the lookout for menopausal symptoms? And what steps can a woman take to minimize menopause symptoms? Read on to find out!

Hormonal changes that lead to menopause can begin as early as in the mid-thirties. Yes! You read that right! This stage is known as perimenopause. Women may begin to experience these symptoms in their thirties. And are often shocked to find out that their symptoms have a hormonal origin. Perimenopause lasts for about ten to fifteen year. Until finally reaching menopause.  

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Hot flashes
  • Difficulty sleeping and waking up at night
  • Worsening PMS and heavy periods
  • Weight gain
  • Little or no interest in sex
  • Increasing urinary frequency, urgency, and incontinence
  • Feeling more anxious or depressed
  • Fatigue and brain fog
  • Increasing difficulty with memory
  • Breast tenderness and breasts that are sagging and drooping.
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Lack of motivation, drive and energy.
  • Muscle weakness, joint aches and pains

So, if you answered yes to any of the above, your hormones are likely out of balance. Moreover, you may be well into your journey of perimenopause. But there is good news! Menopause is inevitable, but suffering through it is optional. 

Here are five helpful tips to help minimize menopause symptoms.

I. Adapt better to stress with adaptogens.

Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that help the body resist stress. 

Examples of adaptogens are Ashwagandha, Maca, Rhodiola, etc. Studies reveal that these adaptogenic herbs may be beneficial for hot flashes. Cortisol is the chief stress hormone in the body produced by the adrenal glands. Experiencing stressful events causes the release of this hormone. But, cortisol is not supposed to stay elevated for prolonged periods. Otherwise, the consequences will be damaging. These herbs will take care of the adrenal glands. Thereby maintaining the cortisol levels in the body.

During perimenopause, your ovaries will slow down the production of reproductive hormones. To compensate for this, the body may go down the stress hormone pathway, and produce extra cortisol. The extra cortisol will put your body under more stress. This creates an endless vicious cycle. So take time out for yourself and de-stress. Start with relaxing deep breath practice. When life becomes exhausting, unwind. Perhaps a lovely bubble bath to ease the knots in your muscles. Or mindful yoga practice. Check out the Catecholecalm supplement. This supplement can help with relaxation.

II. Move Your Body Daily

To earn the rewards of exercise, you do not have to work out for hours. Or run marathons. Or lift crazy heavyweights. You have to move your body in a way that feels good to you. And you have to do that consistently. Regularly exercising will balance your blood sugar levels. Additionally, it will maintain your body weight. And reduce your stress response. A true trifecta when it comes to your hormones. Exercise also activates the thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone plays an important role in metabolism. And exercise helps in maintaining the overall metabolism of the body. But, what if you do not have time for exercise? Then what? Well, you can up your regular physical activity! For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Or perhaps walk rather than using transportation. 

Besides, exercising does not have to be boring. Have some fun! Try something new. Move your body! Try out activities like dancing or pilates. Maybe hot yoga or strength training. Doing so will harmonize your hormones. Subsequently, it will also minimize menopause symptoms. 

III. Eat Hormone Loving Foods To Minimize Menopause Symptoms

Food is a significant factor that determines our health. Whether it is our physical or mental health. A diet that is anti-inflammatory will minimize menopause symptoms. Foods low in sugar and rich in antioxidants will also reduce inflammation in the body. To help you get started, you can grab a list of antioxidant-rich foods HERE. These foods will make your hormones happy and your skin glow. Additionally, avoiding caffeine and alcohol can also go a long way in minimizing symptoms. 

IV. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Listen, I know getting your beauty sleep can feel impossible. You are experiencing hot flashes. And insomnia is rearing its ugly head! But, adequate beauty sleep allows you to produce sufficient melatonin. In addition to improving sleep quality, melatonin also assists in the body’s antioxidant defences. It also regulates blood pressure, body temperature, and cortisol levels. Furthermore, it plays a role in maintaining sexual health and immune function. Not to mention, it is beneficial for your skin as it helps protect your skin against damaging UV rays. 

So how can you get your beauty sleep? Apart from taking care of your sleep hygiene. It is also crucial t0 maintain a sleep schedule and create a cosy environment. Make your room dark. Decrease the room temperature, creating a comfortable sleep sanctuary. Aim to get in bed by 10 pm and stay there. If your hot flashes are making it challenging to sleep, consider the ChiliPad. A ChiliPad will keep your mattress cool so that you can sleep restfully. 

V. Take out the Toxins.

Your skin absorbs upwards of 70% of what you put on it. In a day, women use nearly 12 personal care products containing 168 ingredients! The absorption of these toxins by the skin can mess with your hormones. Thus, making your symptoms worse. These products make your hormones go haywire. Therefore, take a sneak peek at how you can start eliminating them from your routine. Eliminating these toxic products from our life can minimize menopause symptoms. 

If you experience anxiety, hot flashes, insomnia, headaches, dry skin and breakouts, I encourage you to grab my Glowing Skin Food Guide. This guide will help you better balance your hormones. As well as minimize menopause symptoms.