Skincare products: How to effectively apply them for better results

June 1, 2021


Dr. Keira Barr

No matter which way you look at it, dealing with dull, dehydrated skin can be par for the course in menopause. Your skin is your biggest cheerleader. Yet, it can also be your worst confidante, exposing all your lifestyle and health secrets. So let’s give your skin something to cheer about, shall we? You may be applying all the right skincare products. That is, using hyaluronic acid, spritzing on facial mists with precision, and patting in the perfect amount of moisturizer. But yet, your skin still feels like a combo of straw and sandpaper.

So, you are using the correct skincare products but still not getting the results? What’s up with that?

The answer may be super simple! Shift how you are applying your skincare products. After talking to thousands of women, I’ve found that a frequent snafu standing in the way of your skin feeling its best is the application of hydrating products to dry skin, both to your face AND your body. (That and not applying moisturizer with SPF 30+ 80% of UV rays are getting through those clouds 365 days a year.)

Here’s why you should apply hydrating products to damp skin.

As the humidity in the air fluctuates daily and seasonally, your skin needs an extra boost in its hydration status. This is why your skin can lack luster as the weather gets cooler and drier.

For this reason, moisturizers and specific serums contain humectants. Humectants, like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, help pull in water to hydrate your skin. After you cleanse your face or get out of the shower, you want to lock in that moisture. So applying products with ingredients that help your skin do this is key. The humectants will have an easier time holding on to the moisture if the skin is already moist.

Can you still apply your skincare product when your skin is dry?

If you wait until your skin is completely dry, the humectants will still do their job. But they will “rob Peter to pay Paul” and pull water from your skin instead of the ambient air. As a result, this leaves your skin even drier than before.

Do not panic! Your face doesn’t have to be soaking wet. It is frustrating to slather on your moisturizer onto super slick skin. Instead, after cleansing, gently pat your face and body with a towel until it is damp. Afterward, your skin will lovingly accept your humectant-filled skincare products.

If your skin feels a little too dry after cleansing, consider the cleanser you are using (some do contain humectants as well). Choose a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser. You may also want to choose a cleanser formulated for sensitive skin.

The Skinny:

If you have been struggling with dry skin and doing everything, try this tip. It is not earth-shattering or hot off the presses, but it is tried and true. It will also leave your skin gorgeous and glowing.

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