Have you been told that when things change during midlife, it’s just something you have to deal with?

Have you been told that part of getting older is that things don’t work the way they used to? That it’s natural?

I see you. You’re working so hard in your business or your career, taking care of everyone around you but yourself.

You’re fighting hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, and depression, riding it out because you’re too busy to stop and take care of yourself.

You deserve to be seen… and supported in what you’re experiencing and more than that, seen for the radiant woman you are in the world.

You might not be feeling radiant right now. You might be cursing about your dry, irritated skin that can also be oily at the same time

(How is that fair?).
Your luscious hair is thinning but also sprouting on your face, and honestly, you’re just not ready for that yet.

There’s a laundry list of other things, too…hyperpigmentation. Wrinkles. Jowls. You bruise like a peach, and your body takes so much longer to heal.

Then there’s sex….You’re dry and uncomfortable, and you don’t want it like you used to. You don’t even want to talk about it because it feels awkward and embarrassing. You wonder if you’re normal or if there’s something wrong with you.

You’re aging and you feel invisible, or maybe with all of the undesirable changes, you are wishing you were.

The truth is you’re not alone.
Close to three quarters of women will experience symptoms including hot flashes, mood changes, and sleep problems that hurt their quality of life.

And what’s worse, most women don’t get help. The reality is that 100% of us go through menopause, while only 7% of women experiencing symptoms ever get treatment.

They just wonder what happened and why they feel so crappy.

So let’s talk about hormones.

Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone all decrease as women age. Progesterone begins to decrease in our mid-late 30’s which is what contributes to the increasing anxiety, sleep disturbances, and period irregularities. As estrogen decreases, testosterone may not decrease at the same rate. Your adrenal glands also produce some male hormones throughout your life, and it’s this imbalance of hormones that causes the appearance of some male secondary sex characteristics, like coarse facial hair.

Estrogen is essential for skin hydration because it increases production of glycosaminoglycans, promotes an increased production of sebum, increases water retention, and improves barrier function of the stratum corneum. 

That’s doctor speak for “When you don’t have as much estrogen, you get really dry, and your body doesn’t make the things your skin needs to look, feel, and act the way it used to.”

Collagen decreases by 30% in the first 5 years of menopause, and by 2% every year for the next 20 years. That’s partly why skin starts to sag, and you get jowling and wrinkles. The other reason is your elastin deteriorates and fragments. Your skin thins, too. It’s a lot going on at the same time. Just like your life.

Maybe you’ve tried to fix it with botox, fillers, or cosmetic procedures, but you’re still overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted.

You don’t have to just deal with it. There is a proven method that can help you start feeling better – and fast.

I’m a dual-board certified dermatologist who has been in medicine for over 20 years and a menopause specialist dedicated to serving women just like you through one of the biggest changes any of us will ever go through.

I’m not here to tell you I can help you defy aging – I’m here to help you really enjoy midlife and show up the way you want to in the world.

My mission is to help women feel empowered to make midlife the best time of their lives.

There’s no reason to push pause on your life just because you are in menopause.

I am in this phase of life myself, so I get it. I walk the walk of my own approach, managing stress, working on mindset, taking midlife by storm.

Feeling comfortable and confident in my skin is something I’m learning to do on the daily, and I want to help other women feel the same.

My Story

After I hurt myself running, everything changed. What was supposed to be 31 miles turned into 35 because I got lost. Exhausted and in pain, I was never so excited to see a finish line in my life. That experience taught me so much about resilience, failing forward, power of community, and how to be still because I wound up tearing my hip after running my longest ultra marathon.

I didn’t realize the high of finishing that grueling race and the happiness on my face would soon be replaced with crushing lows, sadness, frustration, and shame.

I thought it was just the injury, but as it turned out, it was so much more. My health began to fall apart. My hormones went out of whack. I was bloated. I was constipated. My energy tanked. I had anxiety.

No matter how much I exercised, my weight didn’t budge. My breasts hurt and my period was out of whack. My sex drive took a total nose dive and my relationship with my husband suffered.

I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I wasn’t comfortable or confident in my skin or my body. I was going from doctor to doctor, getting so many labs and just taking pill after pill, masking symptoms and creating new ones. I tried magic herbal remedies and supplements. I tried it all.

“It’s just a part of getting older,” they said.

But my symptoms were out of control and I felt hopeless and helpless until…

I became my own client. I threw away all the supplements and ditched all my one size fits all plans. I seriously leaned into healing my own body.

I learned 3 super critical secrets that were the key to my success in healing my body, calming the anxiety, regaining my energy, and reclaiming my life.

I was making really positive shifts and many of my symptoms were improving, but something was still missing.

Finally, one of my practitioners introduced me to mindfulness and mind-body medicine. What I learned changed everything – my body’s stress response had been out of balance for years. Chronic stress was exacerbating the symptoms and challenges I was experiencing now that I was in PERI-menopause.

Adding mind-body healing practices to all of the other changes was the missing piece.

I totally rebalanced my body, healing the laundry list of things that were going wrong.

I want that for you, too.

These days, I love helping my clients fortify their inner resilience and radiate their beauty inside and out. 

We do it by:


  • Optimizing your hormones through lifestyle shifts
  • Revamping your mindset
  • Rebalancing your nervous system
  • Implementing new skin care recommendations

We do all that so you can look and feel your best. And you know how everyone feels awkward about the sex stuff? We create a safe space for you to talk about what is going on with you during this incredibly transformational and important phase of life.

No holds barred. Nothing’s off limits.

I do it all with the 3-Step Skinny Dipping Method, where we Notice, Nourish, and Nurture.



What’s happening in your life, environment, body, mind, and skin so we know what to add in and what to take away, like all the toxins that create obstacles to you looking and feeling your best.

Those toxins can hide in your:


  • Food
  • Personal care products
  • Household products
  • Water and air
  • Stress and toxic relationships
  • Compromised boundaries, including emotional, mental, and spiritual


Those parts of you that need most support. This isn’t just about food, it’s also what you’re truly hungry for in your life. We work together on adding those things in consistently.


We amplify your efforts to get you where you want to be by creating rituals, community, and equip you with the skills, tools and resources you need to NURTURE yourself for optimal health, happiness and hormone harmony

Whether you’re looking for some fast answers or more comprehensive long-term support as you learn how to navigate this next chapter, I’m excited to get the chance to partner with you.

All options begin with an initial free consult so we can best determine together what will work for you. Every option builds on the one before it, so whether you book a single session or opt for the Skinny Dipping Method or even a VIP day, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s what my clients had to say about working with me:


“I felt Dr. Keira was so focused and connected during our sessions. She was fully present and doing what she came to the planet to do. She’s a fast processor and I definitely felt her dedication to my journey.”

-Stacey G.


“My favorite part of working with Dr. Keira is that I feel so much better now. I now know how to get out of my own way so that I can be the best possible version of myself and truly embody what that looks like.”

-Rebecca B.


“Dr. Keira is down to earth and friendly. I felt super comfortable with her and being honest with my insecurities. Super happy with all she has done for me. I also appreciate that she checks up on me. I just feel more confident and happy with me.”

-Shannon R.


“My heart is so full of joy, because, thanks to your help, at long last, I can start a new chapter of my life!! To be able to feel my presence, to feel my inner love and think about me building my future…it’s really thrilling. Dr. Keira you are an angel from the sky.”

-Francesa P.


“She is very attentive to your needs. I felt safe, without judgement and I loved that she checked in on me just because she was genuinely concerned.”

-Sherri S.

Are you ready to feel better and get back to enjoying life? Consult with me and I can help you get your hormones and skin back on track. Get ready to glow again!